Best of Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Mega Ball: One of Only Seven in the United States

If you're an adventure seeker looking for a new adrenaline rush, you don't have to leave Lake Geneva. Aerial Adventures, located on the south end of town, is home to 3 ziplines and one of only seven Mega Balls in the United States!

The Mega Ball, or sometimes called a Zorb, is an 11 foot diameter inflatable sphere where 2 "ballers" are strapped inside and rolled off a 15 foot tall ramp and down a guided 180 foot long path. "If you like rollercoasters, then this is the ride for you." says Jake Martinez of Freeballing USA, who supplies the Mega Balls for Aerial Adventures. "The balls are high quality and safe and brought here all the way from New Zealand."

"It was a crazy experience unlike anything I've done before." says Jack Murphy, one of the Ballers. "And it's hard to believe that this is...