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13 Candidates Seek the Best Summer Job

Two Jumpers Take a Plunge

By: Holly Murphy,  age 13

Mail carriers work through snow, sleet and rain to deliver the mail, but on Geneva Lake, mail jumpers deal with white caps, slippery piers and moving boats. For 99 years, Gage Marine in Lake Geneva has been delivering mail and newspapers to the mansions on Geneva Lake by boat.  New mail jumper candidates are evaluated each year. This years tryouts were held on Thursday, June 11, 2015.

Ellen Burling of Gage Marine was overseeing the tryouts and told me what she was looking for in the jumpers. "We will be rating them on jumping skills as well as their narration of the tour." Burling went on to say that the jumpers not only deliver the mail, but explain the history of the lake and homes to the passengers who ride along on the Lake Geneva Cruise Line, while...