Best of Lake Geneva

Oscar-Winning Snow Maker Hails from Lake Geneva

Makes snow for over 80 movies

By Jack Murphy, age 15

Ever wonder how movie sets on the streets of Los Angeles can suddenly be transformed into the snowy streets of New York? There is one Lake Geneva resident who has cornered the market on summer snow.  His name is Dieter Sturm and he is the owner of both Sturm’s Special Effects and All Seasons Extreme in Lake Geneva. Having provided special effects for over 80 motion pictures, including Horse Whisperer, Transformers 3, The new Superman movie, Contagion, Public Enemies, and Fargo, Sturm is known in Hollywood as the “Snow Guy.”

“Every special effects company has a specialty, whether it be rain, fog, hydraulics, for example.” “We are known for making snow.”  Sturm has the fastest snow making truck in the country, which can produce 800 pounds...