Games, Toys and Fun

  • Aerial Stunt Kites

    Aerial Stunt Kites carries a large selection of beginner kites, stunt kites, quad-line kites and mini kites for little children to experts. Additionally, they carry a wide assortment of mind stimulating games including Math 24. Look for their kite event they host each Spring.

  • Comic Alley

    Comic Alley is a comprehensive retailer for both comic books, action figures and graphic novels of every kind. They have a large selection of iconic toys, DVD's and gifts.

  • Geneva Gifts

    Geneva Gifts is a place for visitors and locals to find great souvenirs, fun and unique gifts, t-shirts, jewelry and more. Plan on spending some time in this store as you will find unique gifts that will make you laugh out loud!

  • Lake Geneva Games

    Hobby gaming store that sells and hosts games like Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40k, boardgames, Dungeons and Dragons, and similiar.They host tournaments and private events for games and gamers of all sorts.

  • The Hive Artisan Market

    The Hive is a collection of handmade and hand selected merchandise from funny to absolutely amazing. This group of creative women, and perhaps one day men, have come together to produce an atmosphere and community of women working together and having a good time doing it.