Historic Elkhorn Walking Tour

Stop by the Chamber of Commerce in Uncle Hunk's Junk Building on 2375 E. Geneva Street and pick up a FREE Elkhorn Walking Tour Guide. This do-it-yourself tour will take you on a leisurely stroll of less than a mile, all within two blocks of downtown Elkhorn to see a number of historic homes and other buildings of historic significance.

Your tour will start at the parking lot on the NW corner of Church and Walworth Streets and will guide you past:

1. The Reynolds-Weed House, built in 1857

2. St. Patrick's Church, built in 1905

3. The Bradley House, built in 1870

4. The Episcopal Church, St. John in the Wilderness, built in 1853

5. The Church Office Building, built in 1884

6. The Congregational Church, built in 1843

7. Elkhorn's First Village Hall, built in 1885

8. The Wales House, built in 1875

9. The Joseph Philbrick Webster House, built in 1857

10. The home of Dr. J. Howard Young

11. The Octagon House, built in 1856

12. The Grady House, built in 1893

13. The 1887 School House

14. The Home of Walter West

15. The Home of Lloyd Arp, built in 1912

16. The last remaining section of the original brick sidealk within the city

17. Matheson Memorial Library, dedicated in 1930

18. Veterans Park, dedicated circa 1838

19. The Home of E.H.Sprague

20. The Ishlam House, built in 1897

The Walking Guide Booklet will provide you with details about each of these atractions, to help you appreciate the town of Elkhorn even more. Enjoy!

1 mile walk throughout downtown Elkhorn