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provided by Wendy Murphy, Editor and Real Estate Broker with d'aprile properties.

Blue Clay Berry Farm


The Blue Clay Berry Farm is located in Delavan and is home to strawberry and blueberry plants. The Strawberry season is typically in June and blueberry season is in July. You can purchase the berries by the pound. The hours of operation are 8am to 7pm daily.

Situated on a farm that has been in the Rudsinski family for over 40 years, the fields  opeed for public picking in 2015. The land was the site of a family dairy farm, owned and operated by Ralph and Virginia Rudinski and their daughter, Ella. After a much deserved retirement in 2010, the cattle were sold and Ella decided to breathe new life into the farmstead and plant the berries.

The soil is rich in nutrients and has natural, uncommon blue clay veins that run through some of the subsoil on the farm, which how the name Blue Clay Berry Farm came to be.  Stay tuned for more information about the berry season.

State Road 50 West of 67
Delavan, WI 53115