In the News: The House on the Rock


The House on the Rock

A surprising and exciting attraction that shouldn't be missed.


There's a one-of-a-kind experience located just two hours away from Lake Geneva that is sure to take your breath away.

For over 54 years, The House on the Rock has been stimulating the imaginations of thousands of visitors each year.  What started out as a place to gather and enjoy a picnic has exploded into a uniquely Wisconsin attraction. 

Gone are the days when Alex Jordan entertained his friends in a house on top of a rock. Over the years, it has evolved into a compound of many buildings, collections and exhibits. As you make your way through your self-guided, three hour tour, you can’t help but wonder how one person, who only left the state of Wisconsin a couple of times, could amass a collection of this magnitude.  You'll find everything from the world's largest carousel to a sea creature that is longer than the Statue of Liberty is tall and it extends up through three floors with galleries of ships and nautical treasures that wind all the way to the top.

Kids and adults alike will be captivated by the highly interactive experience that includes mechanical orchestras, miniature circuses and whimsical machines that can be activated by a push of a button or by inserting a coin into a box.

The Infinity Room is a glass observation deck that is 156 feet above the forest floor and narrows to a fine point that extends 218 feet over a scenic valley.  Even thrill seekers will feel weak in the knees as you carefully walk towards the end of the point, feeling the structure sway from the weight of your steps.

The home also includes the Alex Jordan Center that showcases the history of The House on the Rock and helps you understand how his vision came to life. The Streets of Yesterday is a blast from the past with cobblestone streets and 19th century storefronts packed with collections from the period. The Organ Room is breathtaking and makes you feel as if you've jumped into a larger than life dream.  There are seventeen buildings in all with restaurants and an ice cream parlor to refresh you along the way. 

While the tour can be completed in one day, you can turn your day adventure in a mini-vacation by reserving a room at the House on the Rock Resort or Inn.  The tour is divided into three sections and can be easily paced throughout your stay.

Section 1– Includes the Gatehouse, The Original House and Infinity Room, the Alex Jordan Center, Japanese Garden and the Container Gardens.

Section 2– Includes Millhouse, Streets of Yesterday, Heritage of the Sea, Tribute to Nostalgia, Music of Yesterday, Spirit of Aviation and the Carousel.

Section 3– Includes the Carousel, the Organ Room, Inspiration Point, the Doll House Room, the Circus Room, the Galleries and the Doll Carousel Room.

The House on the Rock's Halloween themed tour, called the Dark Side, is a strange and spooky after-hours experience. It will be offered on Fridays and Saturdays nights in October.  Christmas at The House on the Rock will feature collections of Old St Nick and will run from November 20th through January 4th.

We loved everything about The House on the Rock experience and hope you will too!  Click here for more details, pictures and information about The House on the Rock.