Expect a Miracle House on the Geneva Lake Shorepath

A welcoming home along the Geneva Lake Shorepath. While most of the homes provide ease in the access, the "Expect a Miracle" house makes you feel more than welcome! The "Expect a Miracle" house has these words draped across the front and back fences of the estate- much like Elvis's reads Graceland. While some houses require you to climb over rocks or tree roots, the Expect a Miracle House has a well maintained brick path with a white picket fence, all painted with inspirational quotes along the rails. Peaceful music has been piped in and there is a bell you can ring that's told to bring Miracles.

As a side note, the Expect a Miracle Mansion is for sale. This 15,000 sq. foot home with 11 bedrooms and 13 full baths on 4 acres (161 feet of Geneva Lake frontage) is being offered for $8,400,000.  It is being sold by owner and the contact number is: 847-421-5100.



Lake Geneva Shore Path
700 S. Lake Shore
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Recent Reviews

Expect a miracle

The expect a miracle house is a house on Geneva Lake is amazing. It has poems and famous sayings along the railings, and has a bell where you can make a wish once you ring it. It is a great way to lighten up your day.

Reviewed by john, age 13


The Expect a Miracle House on the Lake Geneva Shore Path is a really cool house. They have a bell you ring after you make a wish, and a bridge with words of inspiration on it, and a beautiful plant display. It must have took a long time to set up, but you should definitely check it out.

Reviewed by Holly, age 12