Aerial Adventures

Aerial Adventures has a three zipline tour totalling over 1,200 feet of zipping. Zip in groups of 8 along with 2 high trained facilitators. The first 'dismount' platform is over 45 feet high in the treeline. Land on 2 angled runways and finish at a moveable ladder platform just a few steps from the ground. Then, tackle a 50 foot high ropes course challenge followed by a climb to the top of the twin 40 foot high climbing towers. It's fun for all ages with weight between 70 and 250 pounds.

Don't miss out on the Bubble Soccer.

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302 Townline Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147
(305) 394-1086

Recent Reviews

Ziplining Rocks

Aerial Adventures has a zipline and a Mega Ball (zorb ball). The Mega Ball is basically a ginormous ball that 2 people get into and are sent down a ramp. But don't worry, you are strapped in by your stomach, feet and arms. It is so much fun! Now about the ziplinining. When you go, you will get to go ziplines.  One is really tall, one is medium and the other is smaller, but still fun. It was such s great day and I would recommend that you go to Aerial Adventures!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Annie, age 10

ziplining rocks

Aerial Adventures has a zipline and a mega ball (zorb ball). the mega ball is basicly a ginormios ball 2 people get in you go down of a ramp. And rollusidown and sidewaysbut dont worry you are strapped in. your stomach your feet and your arms. it is so much fun! now to the ziplinining. when you go you will get to go 3 times wow isint that cool! so go to Aerial Adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by Annie, age 10

Extreme Ziplines

Aerial Adventures is an excellent place for kids to go zip lining, going on ropes courses, and rock climbing. You can start with the rock climbing, then do zip lining, and finally the ropes course. With a group you can have more fun. I recommend this to everybody.

Reviewed by Joe, age 10

Hold on Tight!

Ariel Adventures is a cool place that features, zip lining, ropes course, and rock climbing. I went there for my 12th birthday party and had a fun time. My friends talked about it for weeks. I think it is a really cool place.

Reviewed by John, age 12